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Janice Johnston Bsc pod.

Throughout my career I have seen many clients feet in such great discomfort and have witnessed radical surgeries as solutions to these problems. Although these are sometimes necessary, I feel many could have been prevented with proper foot care. I am delighted to have completed advanced training in foot care and feel we now have new tools and techniques to apply to my trade. There is nothing more satisfying that providing an individual with relief for their foot ailments. I recommend trying a more conservative treatment before considering surgery for disorders such as ingrown toe nails and allow me to recommend an orthotic before bunion surgery is necessary. Cracks and fissures in a diabetic foot can prove deadly if not recognized and dealt with. These concerns can be dealt with before becoming a much more serious condition.

Podology is a designation given to individuals who complete training with the North American School of Podology in advanced pedicuring techniques. Described as more than a manicure of the feet, but less than a chiropody treatment, podologists are trained to recognize foot diseases and conditions and apply Conservative procedures to excessive callouses and fissures, ingrown toe nails, corns, lymphatic disorders, diabetic foot syndrome, and recognize the affects of improper foot ware and care.

I have almost 20 years experience in the industry and decided to become a Certified Podologist with training from the North American School of Podology. My Bsc Pod was completed in 2006. Please join me in a private, comfortable environment and I will be looking forward to providing some comfort for your tired overworked feet.

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